Price of our UK college package at York College

By combining an exceptional study programme at York College with our family services, we believe we can offer the best UK college package at half the price of private school education.

Two year study course - September 2020 to June 2022

Studying at York College with BARNES Family Guardianship costs GBP 17,400 per study year (College course + Host Family + Guardianship)

Most good private schools cost in-excess of GBP 30,000 per study year plus a guardianship package and expenses for staying in a host family during some weekends and the short holidays.

We believe this package offers exceptional value for money at what we consider to be the best UK college to study at.


  • Minimum age: 16 years old on 1st September 2020
  • A-Level course or Vocational programme
  • Two-year study period
  • Living with a host family
  • Guardianship Inclusive!
  • For non-EU students needing a study visa
  • GBP 17,400 * per study year (2nd year held at 1st year price)
  • Insurance package at ~£6.00 per study week (incl. cancellation insurance)
  • Early registration is an advantage. Application deadline - 30th June 2020.

* This fee includes the fee payable for the York College A-Level / Vocational course.

The price includes:

  • unlimited guidance in securing a place at the York College.
  • A Level course or Vocational course at York College.
  • supporting activities and extra-curricular activities at York College.
  • room and board (during the week - breakfast and dinner, on weekends – full board) with a host family for the entire stay. The college canteen and local shops offer lunch at about GBP 3.50. No accommodation is provided during Christmas and Easter holidays (approx. 2 weeks each), when most students return home (if required - nights in this period are charged at £33 per night). No accommodation is provided in the Summer holidays.
  • students will always be provided with their own bedroom.
  • initial transfer from Manchester airport on 1st September.
  • professional advice from a faculty member at the start of school to ensure the appropriate selection of course subjects will help further the student’s career goals.
  • additional English Language, British culture and small group tutorials.
  • exam preparation when the length of the chosen subject makes this possible.
  • "Guardianship" the BARNES family are ultimately responsible for each student’s welfare during their stay – providing a permanent link between the student, the college, the host family, the local representative and the student’s parents. The student’s happiness is constantly under review and any problems that may arise are resolved very quickly.

The following costs are not included:

  • round-trip flights, airport transfers to host family after the initial transfer (advice will be provided), pocket money, any use of transport to college, insurance.

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Price of UK college